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​EPIC Hearing Health Care Network

Hearing problems are common. The good news is hearing loss is usually treatable, primarily through the use of hearing devices. However, less than 25% of people who can benefit are treated. 

The EPIC Hearing Health Care Network offers UCare for Seniors members easy access to credentialed ENT physicians and licensed audiologists. By using the EPIC Hearing Network, you can take advantage of discounts on a wide range of manufacturer's hearing devices. EPIC’s prices may be as much as 60% below manufacturer’s suggested retail price, and up to 35% lower than most discount offers.

Additional plan features:

  • Extended product warranties 
  • Complimentary batteries, with purchase 
  • Pricing starting as low as $495 for name-brand hearing aids 

EPIC's Hearing Health Plan has been awarded the Health Network Accreditation by URAC, an independent nonprofit organization that establishes quality standards for the health care industry.

How EPIC Works

Step One: Call EPIC at 1-866-956-5400 (TTY 626-723-2173), 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Central Standard Time (CST). A hearing counselor will evaluate your hearing needs, and provide contact information for a hearing provider near you, so you can schedule an appointment. Soon after your call, you will receive a Referral Activation Form and an EPIC brochure featuring product details and pricing information.

Step Two: Bring your Referral Activation Form to your appointment. Your hearing provider will determine the best hearing aid(s) for you. Upon agreement to the hearing aid(s) recommendation, the provider will fax your order to EPIC. Payment for your hearing aid(s) is made to EPIC at your hearing provider’s office.

Step Three: When your order is shipped to your hearing provider, they will contact you to schedule a fitting appointment. Then, submit your itemized EPIC hearing aid receipt* for reimbursement to:

Attn: Customer Services
P.O. Box 52
Minneapolis, MN 55440-0052

*EPIC receipt is available after a 45-day trial period.


The products and services described above are neither offered nor guaranteed under UCare's contract with Medicare. Any disputes regarding these services may be resolved by using the UCare grievance process.


Contact EPIC

Phone: 1-866-956-5400 toll free (TTY 626-723-2173), 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Central Standard Time (CST).

February 2016