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14. Obstetrics & Gynecology

This chapter provides information about obstetric and gynecologic services and UCare’s Management of Maternity Services (MOMS) program.

Obstetric and Gynecology Services

Under Minnesota Statutes, Section 62Q.52, health plans must allow direct access without a referral or prior authorization for the following obstetric and gynecology services:

  • Annual preventive health examinations and any subsequent obstetric or gynecologic visits determined to be medically necessary by the examining provider
  • Maternity care
  • Evaluation and necessary treatment for acute gynecologic conditions or emergencies

Family Planning Services

UCare members have open access for family planning services. Members may obtain family planning services from any qualified provider, including those outside of the UCare network. Treatment for medical conditions of infertility is not an open access service, and must be obtained from a UCare contracted provider.


Sterilization is a family planning service. UCare members may obtain family planning services from any qualified provider, including those outside the UCare network. The Code of Federal Regulations (42 CRF 441.250-441.259) outlines requirements the member must meet for sterilization to be covered:

At least 21 years old at the time the consent form is signed

  • Mentally competent
  • Not institutionalized
  • Informed consent must be given voluntarily and a consent form acceptable under federal regulations must be properly signed and witnessed by the patient, a witness, and the surgeon not less than 30 days or more than 180 days in cases of premature delivery or emergency abdominal surgery no less than 72 hours prior to completion of the surgical procedure.  In the case of a premature delivery, consent must have been obtained 30 days prior to the expected due date.

The consent cannot be obtained when the member is:

  • In labor or childbirth
  • Seeking to obtain or obtaining an abortion
  • Under the influence of alcohol or other substance that affects the member’s state of awareness

The signed consent form must be retained in the member’s medical record.

Abortion Services | Minnesota Health Care Programs

UCare does not provide coverage for abortion services or make coverage decisions for MHCP members, except under certain circumstances.

All induced abortion and abortion-related services should be billed to the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS).

Abortion related services include:

  • Hospitalization when the abortion is performed in an inpatient setting.
  • The use of a facility when the abortion is performed in an inpatient setting.
  • Counseling related to the abortion.
  • General anesthesia or conscious sedation provided in conjunction with the abortion.  Local and regional anesthesia, including nerve blocks, administered by the attending physician, is considered integral to the procedure and not separately billable.
  • Drugs provided during or directly after the abortion.
  • Uterine ultrasound following an abortion.
  • Abortion services codes (surgical induced abortion and medical abortion service codes).
  • Supplies (trays, Laminaria, etc).
  • Treatment of infection or other complications as a result of the abortion, (including treatment for an incomplete abortion).
  • Drugs (anti-anxiety, narcotics, anesthetics, antibiotics, etc).

b. Non-abortion related services and services performed for the pregnancy prior to the induced abortion should be billed to UCare. Non-abortion related services include:

  • A history and physical exam
  • Tests for pregnancy and venereal disease 
  • Blood tests
  • Rubella titre
  • Gonadotropin levels (hCG)
  • Hemoglobin and hematocrit
  • GAM (TM)
  • Pap smear
  • Laboratory examinations for the purpose of detecting fetal abnormalities
  • Family planning services provided as a separate service
  • Uterine ultrasound to confirm pregnancy
  • RhD drugs
  • Drugs used in conjunction with pregnancy or post-pregnancy state

    Other non-induced abortion procedures, such as a pregnancy with fetal demise, missed abortion, or spontaneous abortion, are not subject to this process, and should be billed to UCare.

Abortion Services | UCare Medicare Plans

Members are allowed access without referral to UCare providers who perform abortion services.  Services are covered under the standard Medicare benefit if they meet certain circumstances.

Medicare Advantage (UCare for Seniors) members have coverage for abortion services in the following situations:
1.  A member suffers from a physical disorder, physical injury, or physical illness, including a life-endangering physical condition caused by or arising from the pregnancy itself, that would, as certified by a physician, place the member in danger of death unless an abortion is performed; or
2.  The pregnancy is the result of an act of rape or incest.

UCare’s Management of Maternity Services (MOMS)

UCare’s MOMS program is designed to increase the number of pregnant members enrolled in prenatal care during the first trimester, decrease the rate of low birth weight, and increase the number of members who obtain postpartum visits. The program identifies the following three areas of interest: early prenatal care, risk behaviors, and post partum care. UCare’s efforts are directed toward integration of services and increasing communication among those providing care to our members. Services and processes UCare has implemented to address the areas of interest:

1. Early prenatal care. UCare members receive excellent prenatal care once initiated. UCare’s efforts to increase identification of our pregnant members and encourage early care-seeking behavior assure they receive the best clinical care. We designed several processes to encourage early prenatal care.

  • The program provides a $75 gift certificate incentive to members for initiating care in the first trimester, or within 42 days of joining UCare.
  • Customer Service sensitively asks callers if anyone in the home is pregnant, encouraging earlier identification.
  • A telephonic outreach program attempts to reach all identified pregnant women on UCare for assessment and referral.
  • UCare encourages public health nurse home visits as needed.

2. Assessment & referral for risk behavior. Throughout each pregnancy, UCare’s efforts focus on risk factors the member can mitigate.

  • The telephonic outreach program assesses members regarding smoking behavior, nutritional needs, depression, chemical or alcohol use and unmet social service needs.
  • The call includes an immediate referral to appropriate services.
  • Follow up calls determine if the member has completed the referral.
  • For women failing to complete referrals, or missing clinic appointments, a public health nurse home visit is encouraged. For pregnant smokers, UCare offers a $25 gift card incentive to complete an assessment with Mayo Clinic Tobacco Quit line.
  • 3. Post partum visit We believe that post partum visits assure UCare members receive needed follow up education and assessment, as well as encouragement to seek routine child checkups.
  • The program provides a $75 gift certificate incentive to members for completing the post partum visit.
  • Telephonic outreach attempts to each mother occur within 1 week of discharge.

MOMS Billing Information

Reimbursement for services will be provided in accordance with your UCare provider contract.

Bill charges on the CMS 1500 claim form. Billing should include any of the enhanced services provided for the at-risk member.

You may bill for enhanced services if the UCare member has risk factors.
  • H1001 At Risk Antepartum Management
  • H1004 Postpartum Follow-up Home Visit
  • H1002 Care Coordination
  • H1005 Enhanced Package
H1003 Prenatal Health Education I and II and Prenatal Nutrition Education (submit this code with the appropriate amount of units when billing for more than one of these services on the same date of service).

Description of enhanced services

1. At Risk Antepartum Management: Primary care provider (MD/CNM) will be eligible for a reimbursement if the pregnant woman is determined to be at risk.
2. Care Coordination: Includes development, implementation and ongoing evaluation of a plan of care for the at risk pregnant women.
3. Prenatal Health Education I: Teaches general information on pregnancy and prenatal care; covers at risk medical conditions and behaviors that can be improved through education such as comfort measures, self care, self-detection and prevention of preterm labor, and childbirth process.
4. Prenatal Health Education II: Supplements Prenatal Health Education I for women who require more time and specialized education for at-risk behaviors such as smoking, alcohol, and drugs. Provides support and education for stress management, communication, self-esteem and parenting skills.
5. Prenatal Nutrition Education: Ongoing assessment of nutritional status and educational efforts to support a healthy pregnancy and infant. Referrals to food assistance programs such as WIC.
6. Postpartum Follow-up Home Visit: Home visit to be made within the first two weeks of the mother’s hospital discharge which includes assessment of mother’s and infant’s health, family planning. Parenting support and referrals to appropriate health and social services.
7. Enhanced Package: All of the above prenatal care services are provided.
For each MPAF completed, bill code H1001.

Prenatal Care Guidelines

Prenatal Care, Routine
Primary Source:  Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement (ICSI)
Guideline:  The following ICSI Guideline has been adopted as the UCare Clinical Practice Guideline with the noted modifications:
UCare Modifications of ICSI Guideline: Adopted without modifications.
Notation: HIV screening is recommended after general consent for medical care is obtained and the patient is notified that testing will be performed unless the patient declines (opt-out screening).

Rewards, Incentives & Resources

UCare’s Management of Maternity Services (MOMS) booklet is available in Englishand Spanish. Members who speak Somali receive a DVD in Somali, as well as the English booklet.

UCare’s Prenatal Care Incentive Program includes:

  • $75 gift certificate after the initial prenatal appointment within the first trimester of pregnancy.  Members, who join UCare after the first trimester, may earn a gift certificate if seen by a physician within 42 days of joining UCare.  
  • $75 gift certificate after the 6 week post-partum visit.
  • $25 gift certificate for pregnant smokers completing an assessment with Mayo Clinic Tobacco Quitline

Pregnancy-related classes at no charge

Breast Pump Program

SEATS (Seats, Education, and Travel Safety) Program

Community Education

Smoking Cessation Program:

  • Brochure: A Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Quit Smoking
  • Mayo Clinic Tobacco Quitline
  • Nicotine replacement therapy (patches, gum, etc.) are covered

Nurse  Advice Line

UCare offers an after-hours nurse line, when the member’s primary care clinic is closed.   The nurse advice line is staffed by registered nurses who provide fast access to health information and illness or injury treatment decision support.  There is no charge for use of this service.   The nurse advice line can be reached by calling 800-942-7858 or, for hearing-impaired members,877-728-3311 (TTY).


Clinical Services: 612-676-6705 or 877-447-4384

24-hour nurse line: 800-942-7858
Behavioral Healthcare Providers (BHP): 763-525-1746 or 800-361-0491
Health Promotion: 612-676-3351 or 866-243-5157