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Care Coordination Resources

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Care Coordinators foster ongoing primary and preventative care, create a person-centered support plan and assist with communication between all members of the interdisciplinary care team.

To find product-specific tools and forms, select the desired plan from the "Please select" drop-down and click "Select Plan" to explore each category and its contents.

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Appointment Reminder Letter (Revised 5/20/2024)
Change of Care Coordinator Letter (Revised 8/26/2022)
Health Resource Letter (Revised 2/28/2023)
PCP/ICT Support Plan Cover Letter (Revised 1/1/2024)
PCP/ICT Support Plan FAX Cover Sheet (Revised 1/1/2024)
Provider Engagement Letter (Revised 7/6/2022)
Refusal Letter (New 1/5/2022)
Support Plan Letter (Revised 8/31/2022)
Support Plan Signature Letter (Revised 8/31/2022)
Unable to Reach Member Letter (Updated 9/8/2022)
Unable to Reach Member Letter - Hmong (New 1/1/2024)
Unable to Reach Member Letter - Somali (New 1/1/2024)
Unable to Reach Member Letter - Spanish (New 1/1/2024)
Welcome Letter (Revised 8/2/2022)
Welcome Letter (Waiver) (New 8/2/2022)