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Care Coordination Resources

Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO)

UCare's resources are sorted by category in the following drawers and meant to help you work with our members.
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PCA Assessment Request Form

  • Used by the PCA agency when a member is due for their annual PCA assessment and must send it 60 prior to the end of the PCA authorizations.

PCA Communications Form (Revised 10/25/2023)

  • Used when a DTR needs to be issued for services or an assessment (i.e., Early assessment, Refusal or Unable to reach).
  • Member has selected a PCA provider agency.
  • Used to approve or DTR extended PCA services.
  • Used when the CC is reporting a change or new PCA provider agency.
  • Approve 45 day temp start/Increase of PCA services.

PCA Coverage Policy (The PCA provider agency is required to notify UCare of a provider change however, the care coordinator may report this information to UCare in behalf of the provider).

  • Used by providers when a member changes to a different PCA provider agency.
  • Used by providers when a member previously had not selected a PCA provider agency at the time of the assessment but has now made their selection.

PCA Provider Change Request Form
PCA Transfer Form

  • Used to request a transfer of a PCA Authorization from another health plan to UCare.