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Welcome UCare Providers

UCare's Coverage Policies

These coverage policies describe UCare’s application of coverage rules and methodologies for claims submitted under UCare’s health benefit plans. This information is offered as a helpful resource regarding UCare coverage policies. UCare cannot address every possible aspect of a reimbursement scenario.

Coverage Policies

Name Policy Number Effective Date
Circumcision (MCHP) CP-MCD20-006A 2021-01-01
Coverage for Routine Costs for Members Participating in Clinical Trials (IFP) CP-IFP20-001A 2021-01-01
Colorectal (IFP) CP-IFP21-012A 2021-10-01
Durable Medical Equipment (IFP) CP-IFP21-006A 2021-05-01
Enteral/Parenteral Therapy (TPN) (IFP) CP-IFP20-002A 2021-01-01
Eyewear for Children (IFP) CP-IFP20-003A 2021-01-01
Home Health Services (IFP) CP-IFP20-004A 2021-01-01
Home Hospice (IFP) CP-IFP20-005A 2021-01-01
Infertility (IFP) CP-IFP21-011A 2021-10-01
Medical Dental (IFP) CP-IFP21-0092 2021-05-01
Online Care/E-Care/Telemedicine (IFP) CP-IFP21-0082 2021-05-01
Palliative Care (IFP) CP-IFP21-010A 2021-10-01
Preventative Services (IFP) CP-IFP21-013A 2021-10-01