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Welcome UCare Providers

COVID-19 Information For Providers

Adding Practitioners/Locations on a Temporary Basis

All information contained on this page is applicable only during the declared pandemic time period or other time frames specified below. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the information contained on this page and the contents of the UCare Provider Manual, the information on this page shall control during the identified time frame.


You can add a practitioner to a new location temporarily due to COVID-19 as long as UCare shows that the practitioner has current credentialing and the location is one that would typically require an affiliated practitioner. UCare Credentialing will notify you if credentialing is necessary. To request a practitioner or new location be added temporarily due to COVID-19, please send spreadsheets with the changes to

A spreadsheet is required when submitting adds. Be sure to include the Last Name, First Name, Title, Individual NPI, License State, License ID, Practice Location Address, Effective Date, Tax ID, Billing NPI and Office Phone number.

UCare will be working the temporary adds due to COVID-19 in an expedited timeframe of five business days. UCare will send a notification to the person who submitted the spreadsheet when UCare systems have been updated.

All adds due to COVID-19 will be loaded with an indicator that will allow us to identify and remove them after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. Please continue to use the add forms located on to add practitioners and locations on a permanent basis.

UCare will communicate through our provider newsletter, Health Lines, the planned removal date for the practitioners and locations that were added on a temporary basis due to COVID-19.

Providers who decide they would like to keep some of the temporary adds in place permanently after the COVID-19 pandemic is over would need to submit a MN Uniform Practitioner Change Form  to or one of the add forms located on

UCare has extended locum tenens practitioners at a participating clinic or facility from 90 days to 180 days.

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