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Welcome UCare Providers

Model of Care Training for Providers

MSHO and UCare Connect + Medicare Model of Care Training

UCare’s Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) and UCare Connect + Medicare plans are Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans, meaning that the member’s Medicare and Medicaid benefits and services are integrated into one benefit package, with Long Term Services and Supports incorporated in the MSHO product. The Model of Care (MOC) describes the population, management, procedures and UCare’s approach to caring for our population. It also details how UCare provides and coordinates benefits and services for these members.

UCare’s MSHO and UCare Connect + Medicare members face a host of unique challenges and barriers to getting the care they need. These products are designed with a unique set of benefits and services to help members meet these needs and assist them in staying healthy and independent.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires training on the MOC for providers on the management and procedures necessary to provide services and coordination of care to members to promote knowledge of the MSHO and Connect + Medicare population and assist providers in caring for these members.

All providers are required by CMS to complete one training option annually. Two options are available:

Following the training, share or review the information with all appropriate staff and partners at your clinic.

UCare recommends that you complete the Model of Care Attestation Form for your training completion records.

Providers may contact us at for information about MSHO and UCare Connect + Medicare MOC training.

UCare MSHO/UCare Connect+ Medicare Model of Care Live WebEx Dates

(every 4th Wednesday of the month)

To register, click the date you would like to attend.

 Month Webex date time
 May Wednesday, May 26 8 am-8:30 am
June Wednesday, June 23 12 pm-12:30 pm
July Wednesday, July 28 8 am-8:30 am
 August Wednesday, August 25 3 pm-3:30 pm
September Wednesday, September 22 8 am-8:30 am
October Wednesday, October 27 3 pm-3:30 pm
November Wednesday, November 24 12 pm-12:30 pm
December Wednesday, December 22 8 am-8:30 pm