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2024 Benefits by Condition (Revised 5/2/2024)
Assessment Timelines (New 6/23/2022) 
Behavioral Health Home (BHH) Job Aid (New 12/18/2023)
Certified Languages International Interpreting Service Delegate Instructions
Certified Languages International Interpreting Services Pre-Scheduling Instructions (Revised 11/1/2023)
Housing Stabilization Services (Revised 4/19/2024)
ICBS Job Aid (New 11/15/2023)
In-Person Assessment Methods Decision Tree (Revised 12/5/2023)
Keep Your Coverage program referral guide (New 5/23/2024)
Medicare/Medicaid: Coordination of Benefits Visio (Revised 2/19/2024)
Member Engagement Strategies Job Aid (New 2/7/2023)
Mental Illness Resource Guide
MnCHOICES Guidance (Revised 2/9/2024)
MnCHOICES Job Aid (New 10/24/2023)
Reconciling Enrollment Roster Job Aid (Revised 11/15/2023)
Secure FTP Tip Sheet
SMART Carte (Revised 1/20/2023)
SMART Goals (New 6/23/2022)
Transition of Care Scenarios (New 2/21/2024)
Transportation - Medical Job Aid (Revised 4/10/2024)

Connect/Connect + Medicare
Assessment Checklist (Revised 2/9/2024)
Assessment Checklist MnCHOICES (Revised 2/9/2024)
Example HRA (New 1/1/2023)
Example Support Plan (New 1/1/2023)
In-Person Assessments Job Aid (New 10/24/2023)
Letters Guide (Revised 11/15/2023)
Monthly Activity Log Job Aid (Revised 2/9/2024)
New and Transfer Member MnCHOICES Process Flow
New Hire Training Guide
Support Plan Instructions (New 1/1/2023)
Transfer Health Risk Assessment Job Aid (New 2/9/2024)

Assessment Checklist MnCHOICES (Revised 5/8/2024)
Collaborative Care Plan Instructions
Homemaking Guidance
Initial Opening Elderly Waiver Work Flow
In-Person Assessments Work Flow (New 10/24/2023)
In-Person Assessments Job Aid (New 10/24/2023)
Letters Guide (Revised 1/1/2024)
Monthly Activity Log Job Aid (Revised 2/9/2024)
Moving Home Minnesota (Revised 5/2/2022)
New Hire Training Guide (Revised 3/12/2024)
Relocation Service Coordination Work Flow

Dental: Locate dental providers via UCare’s Dental Connection
Interpreter Service Agencies: Look up via UCare’s Provider Manual, search Contracted Interpreter Services
Mental Health and Substance Use: Find in-network and specialty care mental health and substance use providers via UCare’s Access and Triage Line
Mobile Dental: Schedule UCare’s mobile dental bus
UCare Drug Lists: Search the list of covered drugs (formulary)
UCare Pharmacy: Search for pharmacies by name
UCare Places: Search for the name of a health care facility such as, hospitals, clinics, home health care, hospice or urgent care
UCare Providers: Search for a specific health care provider such as, a doctor, specialist