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Welcome UCare Providers

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Please note, you must be enrolled with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) prior to requesting a contract with UCare. If you are not already enrolled, please do so before starting your contract request.

Minnesota Department of Human Services Enrollment Process

Submit an Application

To join the UCare Network of Providers, please complete the steps below.

To ensure you receive emails from the UCare Service Portal ( regarding your UCare Provider Contract Application status, please ensure you check your Junk Email or contact your IT Support staff to verify the address has been whitelisted. Doing so, will ensure you receive all incoming emails going forward from this email address.

  • Create or login to your account and submit your application using the link below.

To create an account, click the link below, then click register (upper right menu). Once registered, you will receive an email from “UCare Service Portal” with your Username and a link to validate your email address. After validating your email, you will be able to login with your username and password and begin the application process.

  • Be prepared to have all needed information available prior to beginning your application:
    • Demographic and contact information, including Tax ID, NPI/UMPI, Medicare Number and W9 (either a downloadable copy or information to complete the W9 section)
    • Complete list of practice locations and practitioners
    • Disclosure of Ownership information
    • Certificate of Insurance for general liability and professional insurance to download in the application
    • UCare policy requires contracted providers to have the following coverage for both professional liability and general or commercial in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate.
    • For Transportation providers, downloadable current Vehicle Certification from Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT)
  • Missing and/or incomplete information may result in processing delays and/or denial of your request.
  • Click here to create an account and start your application. This account provides access to the Provider Contract Application only.

Begin Contract Process

Important notes:

  • In some cases, you must also be credentialed and approved. See Credentialing information.
  • Before seeing UCare members, you must receive a contract effective date from UCare. Seeing UCare members prior to the contract effective date and the credentialing approval date (if applicable) will result in out-of-network claim processing, claim rejections or claim denials.
  • Submitting a contracting request does not guarantee enrollment as a participating UCare provider.
  • Once contracted and credentialed (if applicable), providers should use UCare's Provider Portal to check member eligibility and benefits, authorizations, claim status and more. This is a different portal than the Provider Contract Application, and it requires separate registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

UCare requires all contracted providers with assigned National Provider Identifier (NPI) or Unique Minnesota Provider Identifier (UMPI) to be registered with the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Information regarding registration can be found on the MHCP Enrolled Providers page, under “MHCP Provider Requirements.”

If you have questions on the registration process or other questions for DHS, please call the DHS Information Desk at 651-431-2000.

You may not begin seeing members until the contract effective date. The contract effective date will generally be determined by UCare once the signed contract is received from the provider. Providing services to UCare members before you are contracted can result in denied claims.

For providers who also require credentialing, providing services to UCare members before you are both contracted and credentialed can result in denied claims. Please note that each practitioner within your practice will have his/her own credentialing approval date. These dates may vary across practitioners, even if they are part of the same practice.

The credentialing approval date with UCare cannot be backdated or changed from the date that is listed in the approval letter from UCare. Services provided to members prior to this approval date and the contract effective date can result in denied claims.

Providers who have opted-out or are not enrolled with Medicare, may not provide services to members enrolled in UCare Medicare Plans. Additionally, UCare follows CMS and MHCP eligibility and billing guidelines respectively to determine service coverage. Providers eligible for Medicare coverage may choose to opt-out or not enroll in Medicare. However, for dually eligible members, UCare will not reimburse services covered by, but not billed to, Medicare because the provider has chosen not to enroll in Medicare. For additional information on opt-out Providers, please visit the MN Department of Human Services Provider Manual to review Medicare and Other Insurance requirements.

When a member has other insurance primary to UCare, it is the provider’s responsibility to bill all third-party liability “TPL” payers and receive payment to the fullest extent possible before billing UCare.

Questions? Contact the Provider Assistance Center 

Phone (local): 612-676-3300
Phone (toll free): 1-888-531-1493 
Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday