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Welcome UCare Providers

Credentialing & Recredentialing

  • See providers who require credentialing.
  • Providing services to members before you are both contracted and credentialed will result in claims being denied, rejected or processed as out of network.
  • Each practitioner within your practice will have their own credentialing approval date. These dates may vary across practitioners, even if they are part of the same practice.
  • Credentialed practitioners are enrolled in all plans/products that the Clinic/Group is contracted under.
  • Recredentialing is performed every thirty-six months, or earlier for any recredentialing files with variations from credentialing. Recredentialing is conditional upon the practitioner continuing to meet UCare’s credentialing standards and quality performance standards.
  • All actions related to acceptance, denial, discipline and termination of participation status for a practitioner or organization are governed by UCare’s Credentialing Plan.
  • For additional information including the Credentialing/Recredentialing Process, please see the Credentialing chapter of UCare’s Provider Manual.
  • UCare’s Credentialing Department has a dedicated email box for credentialing-related questions –

Contact UCare Delegates to Credential These Practitioners:

Chiropractic - Fulcrum Health Inc.: 1-877-886-4941
Dental - Delta Dental of Minnesota: 1-800-448-3815