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The advantage of offering UCare Medicare Advantage plans

As a broker representing UCare, you already have a leg up on your competition — only a select few have a contract to market UCare Medicare Plans. But exclusivity is just the beginning of the advantages that come along with offering UCare Medicare Plans.

Reputation and security in a time of health care transition

UCare has over 80,000 Medicare Advantage members today, making us the local leader in Medicare Advantage in size as well as years of experience. Medicare Advantage plans take on the claim risk themselves, rather than the federal government taking on the financial risk of claims. Because of this shift of the financial risk to the insurer, insurers must have a robust administrative system to fully, effectively, and sustainably manage the true cost of claims, and help members more effectively manage their health.

UCare has offered Medicare Part C plans (now commonly called Medicare Advantage plans) in Minnesota since the very first year, 1998, that the federal government introduced Medicare Part C plans. Our 20-year experience with Medicare Part C financial and administrative management is uncommon in Minnesota. Most local health plans instead specialized in Medicare Cost plans, recently adding Medicare Advantage plans in the last year or two. Insurers just now entering the Medicare Advantage market may face a steep learning curve over the next few years.

Getting paid for your hard work

UCare pays the full annual first year commission for each sale, no matter the month of the year in which the sale is made. For example, enrolling a new age-in client with a September 1 effective date does not just pay you for the four remaining months (33.3%) at the first year rate, UCare pays you the full commission (100%) between effective date and the end of December. Bottom line: If you are active in the age-in business, selling with UCare will have a very profound impact on your compensation for the years to come.

Many plan options

UCare Medicare offers a full portfolio of Medicare Advantage products today to meet a wide variety of customers’ needs. And you can look forward to a very robust 2019 Medicare Advantage portfolio, offering plans that Cost plan holders will want to enroll in. Both you and your customers can rest assured that UCare’s Medicare Advantage expertise offers a safe haven over the coming years as Cost plan insurers test themselves in a new-to-them risk-based financial situation.

Medicare clients don’t need to understand how plans work with the federal government. They just want to know their plan fits their budget, offers benefits that meet their healthcare needs, and that they can see their doctor. And as their trusted advisor, you make sure their needs are met.

This year’s opportunities are bigger than any other year—and you are in a unique position. You can dramatically grow your book of business as hundreds of thousands of seniors transition from Cost plans to Medicare Advantage. With your marketplace insight, you can cut through the confusion and recommend UCare as Minnesota’s Medicare Advantage expert.


Contact Marti Andro
UCare Broker Sales Manager