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Healthy Benefits+ Visa card

Use your card to apply your grocery discounts, buy over-the-counter items, spend your rewards and much more. Your Healthy Benefits+ Visa® card offers flexibility, choice and ease of use, plus easy access to your eligible allowance programs and rewards.

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All your benefits on one card

It’s easy to use your benefits with the Healthy Benefits+ Visa card. Depending on your plan benefits, your card may come pre-loaded with a prescription eyewear allowance, combined flexible benefit allowance or an over-the-counter allowance.

How to use your card

You can use your card in-store, over the phone or online at participating retailers. Simply swipe your card at checkout.

Check your card balance

You have three ways to check the amount on your card.

One card. Many benefits and rewards.*

Depending on your plan type, you may be eligible to use your card to save in a number of ways.

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Grocery discounts

Save with grocery discounts at participating stores. Simply scan your card when paying at participating stores to get your weekly pre-loaded discount. (These can only be used in-store.)
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Healthy food allowance

Members with eligible chronic conditions receive a monthly allowance to pay for healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, dairy products, beans and more at participating retailers.
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Over-the-counter (OTC) allowance

Receive an OTC allowance twice a year to pay for cough drops, first aid supplies, pain relief, sinus medicines, toothpaste and more.
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Prescription eyewear allowance

Receive an annual allowance to pay for prescription contact lenses or glasses.
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Utility bills allowance

Members with eligible chronic conditions receive a monthly allowance to pay for home utilities such as gas and electric bills.
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Transportation allowance

Some members may receive an annual allowance to pay for transportation to and from eligible medical appointments.
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Combined flexible benefit allowance

Receive an annual allowance to pay for dental services, eyewear and/or hearing aids up to the allowance amount.
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Earn rewards for taking care of your health by completing certain preventive tests, screenings and checkups.

Your card will reload each year

Your Healthy Benefits+ card is reloadable each year and is valid until the expiration date or you’re no longer a UCare or EssentiaCare member. Be sure to keep your card, as you won’t be sent a new one each year. The card won’t work if you’re not a UCare or EssentiaCare member. Allowance amounts and expiration dates vary by plan and allowance or reward program.

For more information on your eligibility, sign in to your online member account.