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Special programs and support

Programs and services for when you need a little extra support managing your health.

Eligibility for programs and services may depend on your health plan.

Help when you need it most

We all need help sometimes. Whether you're managing a chronic health condition, quitting smoking or dealing with a mental health concern — UCare has you covered with a wide variety of special programs and services to help you be your healthiest.

UCare Health Ride

Transportation shouldn’t be a barrier to good health. UCare Health Ride provides hassle-free, no-cost transportation to and from your covered medical, dental and pharmacy visits.

Managing health conditions

Managing a chronic health condition like asthma, chronic kidney disease, diabetes or heart failure can be a challenge. We're here to help.

Medication Therapy Management

We offer one-on-one visits with a pharmacist and provide tools to help you better manage your medications.

Mental health and substance use

Mental health is just as important as physical health when it comes to your well-being. Get help addressing mental health and substance use.

Pregnancy, children and teens

Routine care is important at every age and stage of life. We offer a wide range of support services for moms and children of all ages.

Older adult health and wellness

As our bodies age and change, so do our health care needs. Let UCare help you stay healthy, active and connected as you grow older.

Quit smoking and vaping

UCare can help you quit smoking, chewing tobacco or vaping from the comfort of your home with one-on-one phone support and counseling.