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Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

One-on-one visit with a pharmacist to ensure you get the most from your meds

What is Medication Therapy Management?

It's always a good idea to check that you're taking the right medication or supplements each year. You can take your health care routine a step further with our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program where specially trained UCare pharmacists or pharmacists in your network will review all of your medications to ensure they are safe, effective, affordable and easy to use — at no additional cost to you.

If you are automatically enrolled in our MTM services, you will receive a letter from UCare with next steps in addition to phone calls or text messages with more information.

How to get started

Choose how you'd like to get started:

  • Call to schedule an appointment with a UCare pharmacist or opt out of MTM services at 612‑676‑6536 (TTY 1‑800‑688‑2534) or toll-free at 1‑855‑931‑5272 and select option 2. We’re here to help from 8 am – 4 pm, Monday – Friday
  • Call your health care provider to help schedule an appointment with a pharmacist in your network
  • Connect with a pharmacy team member by filling out a short contact form to learn more about the program, set up an appointment or opt out of MTM services

Sign up or opt out

Why is MTM important?

A pharmacist can add value to your health care regimen by providing you and your doctor with a full picture of all the medications you take including, prescription drugs, over-the-counter or herbal supplements. This annual 20 – 60-minute appointment, also called a comprehensive medication review (CMR), ensures there are no drug interactions, verifies medications are being taken as intended and improves convenience and affordability to achieve your health goals.

This is especially recommended if you have multiple chronic health conditions, take several medications, face high prescription costs or have many doctors. Your pharmacist will review everything to help you feel confident you are using all your medications safely and effectively. We want you to take full advantage of our MTM program to stay healthy and get the most out of your health plan.

What can I expect from my MTM appointment?

Pharmacists are medication experts and will answer many types of questions during your medication review, including:

  • Why am I taking these medicines?
  • What time of day should I take my medicines?
  • Are there any drug interactions that I should know about?
  • Are my medicines working?
  • Is the medication I’ve been taking for years still safe for me?
  • Am I experiencing side effects?
  • My prescriptions are expensive. Are there ways I can save money?
  • Are there other medications I should consider that would be more effective?

Pharmacists usually give about five suggestions during your appointment, occasionally recommending other medications that could be safer, work better or cost less. They may also provide you with a personalized medication list, medication action plan and cover letter after the visit to help enhance your medication plan. With your permission, our pharmacists can reach out to your doctor directly or give you more information for your next doctor's visit to address any medication-related concerns and update your prescriptions as needed.

Am I eligible for MTM services?

Most UCare members are eligible for MTM services either through UCare or a participating pharmacist through your network. Please call 612‑676‑6536 and select option 2 if you have additional questions about eligibility.

You may be automatically enrolled

Members of our Medicare Advantage plans with prescription drug coverage, MSHO and Connect + Medicare are automatically enrolled to receive a comprehensive medication review and targeted (quarterly) medication reviews if:

  • You take eight or more prescribed or maintenance medications for chronic condition(s)
  • You have at least three chronic health problems, including:
    • UCare: chronic heart failure (CHF), diabetes, dyslipidemia (high cholesterol), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), rheumatoid arthritis
    • EssentiaCare: asthma, chronic heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, osteoporosis
  • You plan to spend at least $5,330 in 2024 on your Part D medications, or
  • You are considered at risk for misuse of certain frequently abused prescription drugs determined by us or your previous plan

If you are automatically enrolled for a medication review, you will get a letter from UCare with next steps. You may also receive phone calls or text messages with more information about MTM services. Participation is voluntary and you can opt out of the MTM program or any individual MTM service at any time by calling 612‑676‑6536 and select option 2.