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Find helpful information to take care of your health

Knowledge is power. Take charge of your health with useful information and tips that can guide you in making health care decisions — and help you lead a healthy life. Explore topics including blood pressure, COVID-19, newborn care and more. You can also access a full library of health guidance to help you learn more about a diagnosis or symptom you're experiencing.

Looking for one-on-one guidance? Get help from experienced nurses on what to do and where to go when you have a health concern. The Nurse Line is open for members 24/7.

Blood pressure

Explore recommendations and guidelines to keep your blood pressure at healthy levels and reduce the risk of severe health problems.

Covid-19 101

Protect yourself and others from COVID-19 by staying current on the latest guidelines. Plus, find testing locations and vaccine information.

Fall prevention

Falls are common, especially for people age 65 and older, but they are preventable. Stay safe and steady with fall prevention tips.

Healthy recipes

Cooking at home is excellent for your health. Try some of our easy and tasty recipes, including downloadable cookbooks for pregnancy, babies and kids.

My Health Decisions

Do you have questions about a symptom or diagnosis? Access this library of health topics written by the team of experts at Healthwise.

Newborn care

Learn essential tips and find tools to keep your baby safe and healthy at each stage of development, including a downloadable guide for birth to 2 years.