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County and Tribal partners

At UCare, we work with counties and Tribes to identify and respond to the health needs of our members. Learn more about UCare and how we can work together to better serve our community.

County and Tribal visits

Each month, UCare meets with representatives from counties and Tribal nations to go over UCare updates and to discuss concerns, questions and opportunities to serve the community.

To schedule a meeting, contact the County and Tribal Team Representative assigned to your area (see map), or email We offer both in-person and virtual meetings.

Meet the team

Annie Halland, County Manager

Annie Halland

County, Tribal and Public Health Manager

Annie is the County, Tribal and Public Health Manager. Annie has a background in public health and covers most of the metro and southern Minnesota.

Sharon Crawford, County Coordinator

Sharon Crawford

County Coordinator

Sharon Crawford, County Coordinator, covers most of central and northwestern Minnesota. She brings years of experience and expertise in Special Needs Plans.

Heather Dodd

County and Tribal Liaison

Heather Dodd, County and Tribal Liaison, develops relationships with tribal nations and urban organizations serving American Indian members in addition to managing county relationships in her service area.

County and Tribal resources

Product map (PDF)

PMAP and MinnesotaCare service area (PDF)

Connect and Connect + Medicare service area (PDF)

MSHO and MSC+ service area (PDF)

County and Tribal Team coverage map (PDF)

Health Promotion resources (PDF)

VIP phone list (PDF) — Important phone numbers for county reference.

Interpreter list (PDF) — A list of our contracted interpreter services agencies (members and county staff need to contact interpreter agencies directly to arrange appointments).

Dental benefit summary for counties (PDF)

Provider Manual — Chapters include Behavioral Health, Claims & Payment, Child & Teen Checkups and Public Health.

Health Ride — Information on how members can access transportation services.

Management of Maternity Services (MOMS) Program

Health plans
Important health plan resources.

Dental services
Dental benefits and programs.

Health and wellness
Incentive coupons and disease management.

Care coordination
Resources, tools, and forms for care coordination.

Find a member's care coordinator

Elderly Waiver provider resources
UCare now provides resources specific to Elderly Waiver providers on our provider site. Click the link above, and scroll down to Elderly Waiver. There you will find a Frequently Asked Questions Resource, a key contact list and a training.


Culture Care Connection
An online learning and resource center aimed at supporting health care providers.

County and Tribal communications

Important updates and newsletters

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