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Dental benefits

At UCare, we know that a bright smile is an important part of good overall health. That's why we offer a wide range of dental benefits to our members.

Dental coverage to protect your oral health

With dental coverage, you can feel good about visiting the dentist. Dental benefits through your health insurance can help you get care to protect against cavities, gum disease and decay. Plus, it's helpful to ensure you’re covered if a more serious issue crops up. Coverage varies by plan type, so make sure to review the plan details for the most accurate information.

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Medicare Advantage dental coverage

Original Medicare doesn’t include extras like routine dental care. That’s why our Medicare Advantage plans build in dental benefits. Some plans cover you for routine and restorative dental care and some plans offer an allowance to use on eligible services.

View UCare Medicare Advantage dental benefits

View EssentiaCare dental benefits

Medicaid dental coverage

UCare Medicaid (Medical Assistance) plans have many dental benefits to help members maintain good oral health and tackle any issues that come up. We offer extra coverage and support to make it simple for members to get care — with help to find transportation, make appointments and more.

View UCare Medicaid dental coverage

Individual and family plan dental coverage

Whether you're self-employed, or your job lacks health coverage, we've got you covered with a UCare Individual & Family Plan. These plans include medically necessary dental services for adults ages 19 and older and pediatric dental care for members under age 19.

View UCare Individual & Family Plan dental benefits

Mobile Dental Clinic

Having trouble finding an appointment with a dentist near you? The Mobile Dental Clinic is a “dentist’s office on wheels.” It travels throughout the Twin Cities area and greater Minnesota to make it easier for members to see a dentist. Check the schedule and make an appointment today.

View Mobile Dental Clinic schedule

Dental health information

If you’re looking for resources about caring for your teeth or what to do if you’re experiencing a problem, you can access this library of helpful topics written and reviewed by the team of health care professionals at Healthwise.

Learn about dental health

Frequently asked questions about dental benefits

What is dental coverage?

Dental coverage refers to the specific services and treatments that an insurance plan covers. This varies depending on the plan but can include preventive care, diagnostic services, basic restorative services and major restorative services.

Does UCare offer dental plans?

UCare offers built-in dental benefits with many of our health plans. If you have a Medicare plan, you may be able to add additional restorative dental coverage. We do not offer separate dental plans outside of our medical plans.

Can I use my dental benefits at any dentist?

It depends on the plan. Some plans require you to use dentists within a particular network, while others allow you to visit any licensed dentist. It's important to check your plan's details to understand your coverage and network restrictions.

How do I find a dentist who accepts my insurance plan?

Search our online provider directory to find a dentist.