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EssentiaCare Dental Options

Choose the level of coverage that fits you best

All EssentiaCare Plans include dental coverage, and EssentiaCare Secure and Grand give you the flexibility to purchase optional dental coverage.

EssentiaCare Access

EssentiaCare Access offers a flexible benefit allowance of $900 for eligible dental services, hearing aids and prescription eyewear at any provider. Flexible benefits allow you to choose the benefits you need most. Use your flexible benefit allowance on one or a combination of services.

EssentiaCare Secure and Grand

For no additional premium, EssentiaCare Secure and Grand plans include these annual preventive dental care* services:

  • One oral exam
  • One routine teeth cleaning
  • One set of bitewing X-rays
  • Topical application of fluoride

*You will get the best benefit by using a network dentist in the Delta Dental Medicare Advantage Network. Find a list of network providers using the Search Network tool. Unlike most other dental plans, you may also use an out-of-network licensed dentist within the United States and its territories. If you receive dental services from a non-network licensed provider, you may be responsible for submitting your bills and paying the cost share and any difference between the dentist’s fees and the allowable amount.

Add restorative dental coverage for an additional premium

EssentiaCare Secure and Grand members may add restorative dental coverage with Choice Dental for an additional $25 per month. See the Comprehensive Dental Overview (PDF) for more information.

  Choice Dental
Premium $25 per month
Deductible $75 per year (not applicable for some services)
Annual maximum $2,000 per covered person, per coverage year*

*This annual maximum is in addition to the preventive dental coverage provided in your EssentiaCare Secure or Grand plan.

Overview of benefits

Type of Dental Service
Choice Dental
Basic Services
30% coinsurance
Endodontics 30% coinsurance
Periodontics 30% coinsurance
Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery 30% coinsurance
Major Restorative Services 60% coinsurance
Prosthetics 60% coinsurance
Implant services 60% coinsurance

Want to add restorative dental coverage to your plan?

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When to enroll in restorative dental coverage

You can enroll in extra dental coverage when you first enroll in your health plan by checking the box on your enrollment form. You are still eligible to enroll during your first covered month, and after that, annually during the Annual Election period (October 15 – December 7) for coverage beginning January 1 (Forms cannot be accepted before October 15).

A separate enrollment form is required if you do not enroll when you first join our health plan.

Ready to add more dental coverage to your EssentiaCare Secure or Grand plan?