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Important upgrade information

You will be able to log in with your current credentials. The first time you log in, we will ask you to add multi-factor authentication to improve your account's security.

Adding multifactor authentication (MFA) to your username/password protects you and your clients and helps ensure the security of both you and your clients' information. 

  • Applications submitted prior to 10/1/2021 were migrated to our upgraded portal. You will be able to see these applications for historical reference. However, the details of applications will no longer be available.
  • Any previously submitted application will continue to go through our application process. Look for those members on your members dashboard in approximately 15 days.
  • Any application that was started but not yet submitted will need to be recreated in your new account.


Getting started on the Broker Portal

Although technology developers do their best to ensure products work on all major browsers, sometimes they perform better on some than on others. If you are having problems with the tool using one browser, please try another one. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.

Go to Use the sign-on information that you have (or will) receive from UCare Admin (

You should have received an email from UCare Admin with your registration information. If you can’t find the email, look in your email spam folder. If you still can’t find the information, send an email to

Your username is your email address. If you have forgotten your password, click on “need help signing in?” in the Broker Portal sign in area at the upper right of the Portal.


Enrolling in a Medicare plan

You can start an application from multiple places within the portal. Use the action button on your workbench and select new application, start a new application from a client’s profile, or start an application from a quote or the New Application button in your applications dashboard.

Yes. Press “Save and Exit” at any step in the enrollment application process. Then you can come back and continue where you left off.

You can get to it either from the Applications section on the dashboard or from the prospective member’s Client Details from the Clients section of the dashboard.

Click on the Application ID. You’ll know that an application has not yet been submitted because the status will show as “Not Yet Submitted.”


It is strongly recommended but not required. The online enrollment tool will display all primary care clinics for all specialties available based on the enrollee information submitted. Consider using different “filtering” options to help select the best clinic for the enrollee. For example, you could filter by specialty (such as Family Medicine) or by distance from home (such as within 20 miles) If you don’t choose a primary care clinic, one will be chosen for the enrollee by UCare.


After submitting an application

You can view the status in the Applications section of the dashboard. After submitting the application, the status will change based on where it is in the review process. See the What does the application status tell me? section for a full list of the statuses and their definitions.

Status Means

Not Yet Submitted

The application was started but has not been submitted.


The application was submitted. This status will display for up to two hours, then change to “In Progress.”

In Progress

The application has been submitted and is being processed.

Pending Medicare Approval

The application has been sent to Medicare for review.

On Hold - Applicant Outreach

The application is being processed but it is incomplete and requires additional information. We will reach out to the applicant for additional details.

Rejected The application was rejected either because one or more required documents were not received, or CMS rejected the application due to other reasons.


The application was canceled by request.


The application was denied due to non-receipt of required information.


The application has been approved by CMS.

Yes, if your broker identification number was indicated on the application. You will be able to see status but you will not be able to view the application itself.

  • It is an Individual and Family Plan (IFP) application.
  • No broker number was included on the Medicare application.
  • The Medicare application was mailed or faxed in and the broker information was not clearly indicated (may not have scanned properly).

If there is an issue with your agent of record not being associated with a policy, please send an email to

If you have additional information about a prospective member, such as a Medicare ID number, send an email to


Viewing your book of business

  • Is prior to a Medicare member’s effective date of coverage.
  • It for an Individual and Family Plans (IFP) member whose first payment has not yet been received.
  • You are not listed as the agent of record on the policy.
    • If you believe that you should be the agent of record, please send an email to
      UCare will look into the situation and advise you on how to proceed.


Viewing your commissions

Commissions are paid monthly on all renewals and any new business approved by the 13th of the month.

If you are paid through your UCare GA, make sure you communicate with your UCare GA about the timing of checks being mailed or deposited. They will need time to reconcile the payment prior to disbursing your commission payment.

IMPORTANT: Brokers cannot be paid commission for new business OR renewals if they have not recertified. You must retain an active license to receive commissions. Delays in recertification could result in delays in commission payments.

  • The application was approved too close to the commission cutoff, or not in time for the commission payment processing time for the month.
  • The application was approved too close to the effective date, or not in time for the commission payment processing time for the month.

In the above cases, the commission will be paid the following month.

No. Each broker has unique Broker Portal sign-in credentials and will not see other brokers’ commissions.

You can view digital copies of your commissions statement in Excel or PDF format in your Broker Portal account under the commissions section.


Other Broker Portal capabilities

You can export lists of policies, applications or contacts.

After pressing “Show All” from the dashboard, click the arrow on the upper right of the screen.


For commission questions, send an email to For general questions about the UCare Broker Portal or working with UCare, send an email to

We’re happy to help and appreciate your business with UCare!

You can share a saved quote via PDF or through the live share functionality with your client. When you share a PDF, your client will receive an email that contains a PDF of the details. When you choose live share, your client will receive an email with a link where they can follow the steps to create and enrollment account and see the full details of the shared quote in their enrollment portal.

Applications can be shared with the live share functionality. Like with the quote, you client will receive an email with a link where they can follow the steps to create and enrollment account and see the full details of the shared application in their enrollment portal.

For more information on the live sharing functionality for quotes and applications you can review our Live Share User Guide.


Ordering materials

Get sales kits, referral cards, inserts and other marketing materials. 

How to visit the ordering website