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Ready to see our best Medicare plans yet?

Discover our finest Medicare Advantage plans ever: bigger benefit allowances, better coverage when you travel, bold premium drops and more.

Our range of options includes our most affordable plans yet with premiums starting at $0* and more plans with Medicare Part B givebacks. You’re sure to find your perfect fit with UCare.

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All-in-one plans packed with benefits

Our plans are loaded with benefits you’ll love, plus you’ll get the all-in-one convenience of medical and prescription drug coverage in one simple plan.

Dental care, prescription eyewear and hearing aids

Get the extras you want to ensure every aspect of your health is covered.

$0 prescriptions

Pay no copays on preferred generics and get the convenience of bundling your Medicare Part D drug coverage in one plan.

Health club membership with One Pass

Enroll in a gym membership at no additional cost with access to tools to help improve your health and stay fit.

Over-the-counter allowance

Save money with an allowance to spend as you like on qualifying items like cough drops, first aid supplies, pain relief and toothpaste at participating retailers.

UCare Healthy Benefits+ Visa® card

No paperwork, just use your card to purchase prescription eyewear, buy over-the-counter health items, use your grocery discounts or spend your rewards. It really is that easy.

Keep your doctor and travel freely

Chances are, we’re already familiar with your favorite doctor and clinic. In fact, we’ll bet they're in our network. With UCare, you get the freedom to choose the best provider for you — and travel freely knowing you’re covered.

  • Most Minnesota providers are in network
  • No referrals needed to see a specialist
  • Get in-network coverage with providers across the country through the MultiPlan Network
  • Emergency coverage worldwide
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Featured plan: UCare Your Choice

Meet one of our members’ favorite plans. The UCare Your Choice plan offers you freedom, cost savings and more power in your hands with a flexible spending allowance — now available statewide.

  • $0 monthly premium*
  • $1,200 flexible spending allowance for dental, prescription eyewear and hearing aids
  • $468 back annually on your Medicare Part B premium
  • $0 prescriptions for preferred generics and no deductible on all Part D tiers

Things to consider before you enroll

As you explore your options, we’ll make it easy to compare plan features and costs — and to see if your providers or prescriptions are covered.

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Is your doctor in-network?

We have plans that include most providers in Minnesota. See if yours are included.
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Are your drugs covered?

We cover a wide range of drugs from brand name to generic. See if your prescriptions are covered.
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Plan comparison checklist

Keep track of the plans you're comparing. Print our checklist to compare plan benefits and features side by side.

Get more information or find help

With UCare by your side, you get figure-outers who can help you choose the level of health coverage that’s right for you. We’ll help you with the next steps.

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Chat with a

Our licensed Medicare specialists can answer your questions or walk you through the enrollment process step by step.

Call 612-676-3500
TTY users 612-676-6810

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Attend a Medicare Meetup

Join us in person or online so you can feel confident about choosing a Medicare plan that fits you and your wallet.

Reserve your date and time

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Find a broker

Work with an independent, UCare-appointed broker to choose the best plan fit for you.

Search our broker map

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Request a kit

Request a free Medicare plan information kit by mail.

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Medicare tools and resources

Get the Medicare de-complicator guide

We created this simple guide to make Medicare easier. It covers the essentials you’ll need to know, like the four parts of Medicare, when to enroll and how to avoid penalties.

Download the guide (PDF)

Medicare coverage quiz

If you’re trying to decide between Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans, take this quick quiz to find which may be the best fit for you.

Take the quiz

Finding the right plan

What’s the right plan for you? That depends on your health needs, your budget and your lifestyle. Here you’ll find the steps to choosing the right plan.

See the steps

Frequently asked questions

Over the years, we've heard a number of questions from Medicare shoppers just like you. To make it simpler, we’ve compiled answers to the most common questions we hear.

See FAQs

Plans for nursing home care

Are you an adult with Medicare living in a nursing home, assisted living facility or memory care facility? If you answered yes, we have a health plan designed especially for you.

UCare Advocate Choice and UCare Advocate Plus

Plans built with trusted partners

UCare partners with care systems you know and trust to offer you access to coordinated, high-quality care at lower premiums. Keep your favorite doctor and save money with one of these plans.

UCare with M Health Fairview & North Memorial Health

UCare and M Health Fairview have teamed up to offer cost-effective, member-focused health plans that feature access to some of the Twin Cities' most popular and highly regarded providers. Now you can save on your monthly premiums and have access to the convenient provider network.

UCare with M Health Fairview & North Memorial Health

UCare with Essentia Health

UCare and Essentia Health have come together to offer EssentiaCare, a Medicare Advantage plan in northern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin offering all the care you need in one health system — plus Mayo and national coverage. If you already see Essentia Health doctors, this may be a good fit for you.