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Strong and Stable Kit — Falls Prevention

Falls are a major concern for older adults. They can cause serious injury and other health problems. That’s why UCare created the Strong & Stable Kit: To help you stay strong and protect yourself.

Wellness Kit Strong & Stable
Eligible members (MSHO, MSC+, or UCare Advocate Choice/UCare Advocate Plus) can get a Strong & Stable Kit at no extra cost, which includes:
  • Theraband resistance band strength kit
  • Tip sheets with helpful falls prevention advice
  • Tub grips to make your bathtub or shower safer
  • Nightlight to keep a bathroom or another area of your home well-lit at night
  • Medication box to help take medications correctly

Get a Strong and Stable Kit

If you're interested in getting a Strong & Stable Kit or if you’ve experienced falls in your home or the community, contact your care coordinator or case manager who can order the kit for you.