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Rewards for Minnesota Senior Care Plus (MSC+) members

Diabetes testing

Exam, test or screening
Reward Reward conditions
Blood glucose (A1C) test (PDF) $30 Must have a diabetes diagnosis and A1C test
Dilated or retinal eye exam (PDF) $30 Must have a diabetes diagnosis and diabetic dilated eye exam or retinal eye exam
Annual urine protein test (PDF) $30 Must have a diabetes diagnosis and urine test

Cancer screening

Exam, test or screening
Reward reward Conditions
Mammogram screening (PDF) $50 Complete mammogram
Colon cancer screening (PDF) $50 Complete colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy; No at-home tests qualify for incentive


Exam, test or screening
Reward reward conditions
Annual wellness visit (PDF)
$25 Complete an annual wellness visit with your doctor
Dental visit (PDF)
$25 Complete dental visit (must be at least six months from your last visit)
Blood pressure check (PDF)
$25 Must have hypertension (high blood pressure) diagnosis in the first six months of calendar year and a blood pressure check with your doctor in the last six months of calendar year

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Terms and conditions

  • Limit one reward per program, per calendar year, for eligible members
  • Member must be enrolled in an eligible plan at the time of the exam, test or screening and at the time of redemption
  • Date of service must be completed during the plan year listed on the voucher and mailed back to UCare within the plan year
  • Members must have a provider complete and sign the voucher prior to returning it
  • Incomplete or ineligible vouchers will be denied, and you will be notified by mail
  • Reward dollars will be loaded on your Healthy Benefits+ Visa® card. If you have not received a card, one will be mailed to you.
  • Reward dollars on your Healthy Benefits+ Visa card will expire upon plan termination
  • Rewards are subject to change. UCare reserves the right to deny rewards for any reason.
  • Plans not eligible for rewards include: UCare Advocate Choice and UCare Advocate Plus (HMO I-SNP), UCare Basic, UCare Extended Basic, and UCare Medicare Supplement
Sample of a UCare ID card with generic information

*Tip: Not sure what your plan is called? Check the front of your member ID card and look for your “Care Type”.

UCare Medicare plans: UCare Value, UCare Essentials Rx, UCare Standard, UCare Complete, UCare Classic, UCare Value Plus and UCare Aware, Medicare Group plans
UCare Your Choice plans (PPO): UCare Your Choice, UCare Your Choice Plus
EssentiaCare Medicare plans:
EssentiaCare Grand, EssentiaCare Secure and EssentiaCare Access
UCare Medicare with M Health Fairview & North Memorial Health plans: Care Core with M Health Fairview & North Memorial and Care Wise with M Health Fairview & North Memorial
Individual & Family Plans: UCare Gold, UCare Gold Access, UCare Silver, UCare Bronze, UCare Bronze Access, UCare Core, UCare Silver HSA, UCare Bronze HSA, UCare M Health Fairview Gold, UCare M Health Fairview Silver, UCare M Health Fairview Bronze, UCare M Health Fairview Core, UCare M Health Fairview Silver HSA and UCare M Health Fairview Bronze HSA plans
UCare Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) plans: Prepaid Medical Assistance Program, MinnesotaCare, Minnesota Senior Care Plus, UCare's Minnesota Senior Health Options, UCare Connect and Connect + Medicare

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