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Rewards for UCare Medicare members

UCare Classic (HMO-POS), UCare Complete (HMO-POS), UCare Essentials Rx (HMO-POS), UCare Standard (HMO-POS), UCare Prime (HMO-POS), UCare Value (HMO-POS), UCare Value Plus (HMO-POS) and UCare Aware (HMO-POS). UCare Advocate Choice (HMO-I-SNP) and UCare Advocate Plus (HMO-I-SNP) members are not eligible for 2021 incentives.

Diabetes testing

  Reward Qualifications for reward
Blood glucose (A1C) test (PDF) $30 Must have diabetes diagnosis. Diabetic A1C testing complete
Dilated or retinal eye exam (PDF) $30 Must have diabetes diagnosis. Diabetic dilated eye exam or retinal eye exam complete
Annual urine protein test (PDF) $30 Must have diabetes diagnosis. Diabetic nephropathy testing complete (Urine test)

Cancer screening

  Reward Qualifications for reward
Mammogram screening (PDF) $50 Mammogram completed
Colon Cancer Screening (PDF) $50 Complete colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, or CT colonography; No at-home tests qualify for incentive


  Reward Qualifications for reward
Annual Wellness Check (PDF)
$25 Complete an annual wellness visit with a primary care physician
Blood pressure check (PDF)
Hypertension claim in the first six months of the calendar
year and physician blood pressure check in the last six
months of the calendar year

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  • Members must have provider complete the voucher prior to returning it to UCare.
  • Vouchers apply to current members. Members must be enrolled at the time of the exam, test or screening and at the time of redemption.
  • Limit one reward per program per calendar year. Date of service must be completed during the year listed on the voucher.
  • Allow 4–6 weeks for reward delivery. 
  • Rewards may change each year.
  • Incomplete or ineligible vouchers will be returned.
  • UCare reserves the right to deny rewards for any reason.

sample UCare member identification card

Tip: Not sure what your plan is called? Check the front of your member ID card and look for your “Care Type”.

UCare Medicare plans: Prime, Value, Essentials Rx, Standard, Complete, Classic, Value Plus and Aware. UCare Advocate Choice and UCare Advocate Plus I-SNP members are not eligible for 2022 incentives. UCare Basic, UCare Extended Basic and UCare $20/$50 Medicare Supplement members are not eligible for incentives.
EssentiaCare Medicare plans: Grand, Secure and Access.
UCare Medicare with M Health Fairview & North Memorial Health plans: Care Advantage and Care Core.
Individual & Family Plans: Core, Bronze, Bronze HSA, Silver, Silver HSA, Gold, M Health Fairview Bronze, M Health Fairview Bronze HSA, M Health Fairview Silver, M Health Fairview Silver HSA and M Health Fairview Gold.
UCare Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) plans: Prepaid Medical Assistance Program, MinnesotaCare, Minnesota Senior Care Plus, Minnesota Senior Health Options, Connect and Connect + Medicare.

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