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Brook Health Companion app

Get help with your health anytime, anywhere

UCare has teamed up with Brook to bring you their Health Companion program. Brook can help you manage your general wellness, diabetes, hypertension or other chronic conditions right from your smartphone. Available to all members at no additional cost, this app lets you chat with dietitians and health coaches any day of the year to help you turn your health goals into sustainable habits.

Keep accountable
Chat with health coaches 24/7, 365 days a year. No appointment needed.

Improve your numbers
Get support with weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and more.

Reach health goals
Discover what works best for you and get help sticking to it.

Get active
Find ways to fit activity into your daily life and track your progress.

Eat right for you
Work with dietitians to find the best meal plan for you.

Get helpful reminders
Schedule reminders to take your medication and check your blood sugar or blood pressure.

Brook App

Get the app

Members can sign up and download the Brook app now for no additional cost.

Sign up for the app

Learn more about the Brook Health Companion app

Canceling your account with Brook

If at any time after trying the Brook Health Companion app, you decide that it isn't for you, you have two ways to cancel the service:

  1. Tell a member of the Brook team by going to 'Care Circle' at the top left corner of the app, then opening the chat channel that says 'Health Coaches'.
  2. Email or call 1-800-266-4407 to cancel your Brook Health Companion account.

Who is eligible

UCare members are identified via claims, pharmacy or other records and sent communications on how they may benefit from using the Brook Health Companion app. If you are a UCare member, you are eligible to use the Brook Health Companion app at no additional cost.