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Wellness Navigator Program

Helping you navigate your wellness journey

Mental health is just as important as physical health when it comes to your well-being. UCare and M Health Fairview offer two unique programs supporting mental health for members and their caregivers.

Wellness Advisor Program

UCare Medicare with M Health Fairview & North Memorial members are paired with a dedicated wellness advisor for support, counseling and resources to help manage emotional wellness and improve overall health. You can speak with your advisor by phone or video up to six 60-minute sessions per episode at no extra cost.

Wellness advisors are licensed mental health professionals who help people maintain and strengthen their personal well-being. They give you personalized counseling and support and find resources in your community that can help.

To get back to feeling yourself again, contact an M Health Fairview wellness advisor at 612-672-7995 (TTY 711). Learn more about the Wellness Advisor Program.

Caregiver Assurance™

UCare Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) (HMO D-SNP) members and their designated caregivers get up to 12 visits with a caregiver advisor within the plan year, resources and service referrals at no extra cost.

Caregiver advisors are licensed professionals who can make the caregiving journey a little easier. They help with care coordination, service advice and referrals, stress reduction tips and more.

Support is just a phone call away. To get help, call 612 672-7996 (TTY 711). Learn more about Caregiver Assurance.