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What happens at a C&TC visit?

From birth through age 21, all children and teens who are UCare members need regular Child and Teen Checkups. C&TC screenings help make sure children and teens are healthy and receive all needed immunizations (shots). This is a chance for you to ask questions and get answers about your child’s or your own health (teens). During a C&TC visit, the doctor will:

  • Check height, weight, vision, and hearing
  • Make sure immunizations are up-to-date
  • Talk about dental care
  • Talk about healthy eating
  • Check development and growth
  • Talk about the risks of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use (teens)
  • Talk about social and learning issues
  • Talk about stress and how to deal with it
  • And much more, depending on your child's or your own unique needs

Every child and teen who is a member of UCare needs to have a Child and Teen Checkups visit at these ages:

Infants Preschoolers school age teens
0-1 months iconstethoscope24x24iconneedle24x24 15 months iconstethoscope24x24iconneedle24x24 5 years iconstethoscope24x24iconneedle24x24icondental24x24

12 years iconstethoscope24x24iconneedle24x24icondental24x24

2 months iconstethoscope24x24iconneedle24x24 18 months iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24 6 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24 13 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24
4 months iconstethoscope24x24iconneedle24x24
24 months iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24iconblood24x24
7 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24 14 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24
6 months iconstethoscope24x24iconneedle24x24 30 months iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24
8 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24 15 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24
9 months iconstethoscope24x24 3 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24 9 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24 16 years iconstethoscope24x24iconneedle24x24icondental24x24
12 months iconstethoscope24x24iconneedle24x24icondental24x24iconblood24x24 4 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24 10 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24 17 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24
    11 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24 18 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24
      19 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24
      20 years iconstethoscope24x24icondental24x24

iconstethoscope24x24Doctors visit is due
iconneedle24x24Immunizations are due
icondental24x24Regular dental exam is due. This should start upon eruption of first tooth or no later than 12 months of age.
iconblood24x24Blood lead test is due.

Earn rewards for checkups

There is no copay, or charge, for Child & Teen Checkup (C&TC) visits for UCare members. You can also receive gift cards through UCare’s C&TC Rewards when you are up-to-date on shots and other tests that can be done at C&TC screenings. Some limits apply.

Call your primary care clinic or local public health agency to schedule a C&TC visit today. If you have questions, contact UCare Customer Service at the phone number on the back of your UCare member ID card. TTY/hearing impaired: 612-676-6810 or 1-800-688-2534 toll-free.
Earn rewards