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Minnesota Senior Care Plus (MSC+) 2024 Formulary (List of Covered Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs)

Download the complete Formulary or search the list of covered drugs below.

Follow these steps to see the coverage and cost of your medication.

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Find out what tier your medication is

Use the drug search tool below to see whether your medication is covered and what tier it is

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Find out how much your medication costs

Use this tier table to see how much your medication costs

Tier Copay Amount
Tier 1
Generic drugs
$1 copay
Tier 1
Brand drugs
$3 copay



  • No co-pays for members in hospice, members residing in a nursing home for 30+ days, or adult members of a federally-recognized American Indian tribe.
  • No co-pays for anti-psychotic drugs
  • Copay Amount can vary based on income, call Customer Service to verify your copay.
  • 90-day supply available for drugs identified on UCare’s List of Covered Drugs


More formulary information

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