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What are my needs?

Make a list of the kind of support and services you need. Knowing what your needs are will make it easier to select a plan with the right support for you.

Do I need?...

  • Access to a fitness club membership
  • Help with transportation to medical appointments and pharmacies
  • Medications
  • To go to specific clinics and doctors
  • Access to Long Term Services and Supports
  • Access to special services or therapies
  • Care coordination
  • In-home services
  • Chronic condition management support
  • Behavioral health case management
  • Specialized equipment
  • Additional benefits like dental or vision benefits

When going over your plan options, review your list to see if a plan will meet your needs.

What are my health plan options?

Your health plan options depend on where you live and whether you qualify for Medical Assistance or Medicare combined with Medical Assistance. To find out exactly what plans are available in your area and what you qualify for, contact:

Your county or tribal office

Disability Hub MN

MNsure-certified navigator

If you are considering UCare, call a licensed UCare Agent at 1-800-707-1711 (TTY 1-800-688-2534)


What are the different types of plans?


Who can help me pick a health plan?

Licensed UCare Agent
We can help explain your health plan options. Call us today for a one-on-one consultation.
(TTY 1-800-688-2534)
8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday

Disability Hub MN
Has a team that can help you understand your health coverage options.

Find out more.

Most disability advocacy organizations also have programs to support health plan decisions.