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Virta Health

Virtual clinic for type 2 diabetes reversal.

Personalized nutrition planning for better health

We are teaming up with Virta Health to offer eligible members a type 2 diabetes reversal* program at no additional cost. Virta is a virtual nutrition therapy clinic that helps you lower blood sugar, lose weight and rely less on prescription drugs. Virta’s care plan is tailored to you and offers support from medical providers, coaches and digital health tools.

Program benefits

Eligible members who participate in this program receive:

  • Nutrition education, including meal plans, shopping tips and recipe guides
  • Medical supervision from a Virta physician, nurse or physician’s assistant
  • Unlimited 1:1 health coaching
  • Daily support with Virta’s mobile app and health tools
  • Access to a private online patient community
  • Diabetes testing materials such as meters, strips and more

Get started

Eligible members can apply now at no additional cost.

Apply now

If you have questions, email


UCare and EssentiaCare members are identified via claims, pharmacy or other records and sent communications on how they may benefit from Virta Health’s program. If you are a UCare or EssentiaCare member between the ages of 18 and 79 and have a current diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, you are eligible for this program. There are some medical conditions that would exclude patients from the Virta program. Start the application process now to find out if you qualify.

This program is voluntary and available at no additional cost to eligible members.

To register or opt out of this program and any Virta Health communications, please call 844-847-8216. You can opt out of this program at any time.