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Diabetes management

Explore how you can take an active role in managing your diabetes and improving your health.

Eligibility for programs and services may depend on your health plan.

Programs to manage your diabetes

Diabetes can sometimes be hard to manage without help. At UCare, we offer a wide variety of diabetes programs and resources — most at no cost to you! From virtual support to over-the-phone health coaching, we have a diabetes program to meet your needs. We even offer rewards for getting diabetes checkups.

Cecelia Health diabetes virtual support program

Get virtual support from a Cecelia Health-certified diabetes care and education specialist. Together, you'll develop a plan to help manage your diabetes and enjoy a healthier life.

Cecelia Health diabetes and CKD virtual support program

Available to members with diabetes and CKD at no additional cost, you'll get virtual support from a Cecelia Health expert clinician.

Virta Health type 2 diabetes reversal program

UCare has teamed up with Virta Health to offer a virtual nutrition therapy clinic that helps you lower blood sugar, lose weight and rely less on prescription drugs.

Health coaching, education and support

Enjoy the ease of health coaching and education over the phone or text. What's more, you’ll receive tools to help set and meet your personal health goals.

Summer camp for kids with diabetes

Give your child a fun summer adventure. Summer camp is available at no cost to eligible child and teen members.

Brook Health Companion app

Available at no cost to you, this app helps you discover the connections between daily decisions and your blood sugar readings.

Additional resources

Diabetes Learning Center

Learn the basics of diabetes and the risks, causes, symptoms and treatments of this common disease.


Earn a reward just for taking care of your health when you get a dilated or retinal eye exam, a blood glucose (A1C) test or a urine protein test.

Health tracking forms and checklists

Tracking your health just got easier with these printable checklists for members with diabetes and their caregivers.